WinMan – window manipulation

WinMan (window manipulation) is a tool for changing size, position and appereance
of running windows on MS-Windows(R) operating system. In particular it enables you to:
-Move a window around from command line tools (scripts).
-Resize windows
-Make windows displayed on top permanently.
-Hide windows
-Remove decoration from window

Once upon a time I required a window to be permanently displayed as a top window.
It shouldn’t be covered with another window by user. I’ve asked a question on StackOverflow
and the thread emerged to this tool. Many thanks to all contributors! And here is the Link:

This software is provided as is. The author has no responsibility for any kind of damage – e.g. loss of data – on your computer.

Later on I am going to publish it on google-code or source-forge. Currently, here is the download for the code and binaries:
The code is distributed unter the terms of GPL V3.